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Learning how to communicate well is the most essential skill in today's world. Business opportunities appear to those who can communicate well and effectively in English. If you are tired of traditional and boring courses and look for something engaging and effective, then search no longer. Here, I have prepared for you the most comprehensive online English learning program. The program has 24 terms in six phases taking you from the A1 Beginners to C2 Advanced level in an integrated yet profession-based program. The twenty-four carefully crafted packs are designed to suit your specific language needs in different components for a variety of careers from doctors, engineers, lawyers all the way to those who wish to learn English for travel, improving relationships, learning about sciences or to excel in writing, improve reading, and even speaking strategies, story telling all the way to preparing for language proficiency examinations such as the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, GRE, IGCSE and other language assessments. My main focus, in this all-brand-new English learning syllabus design, is on efficiency and making sure you spend your time learning what matters to you the most first and then finding your way up the pyramid by adding the jig-saw building blocks to prepare you in all eight language skills and strategies. The materials are tailored in a way that you can study at your own pace and yet reach the summit of linguistic competence by the time you complete the courses. There are smart quizzes, tests and a portfolio of assessment elicitation formats  after each course and phase to make sure you stay on track and excel as you continue to study and complete each level. You can begin by taking the placement test and see where you stand before you choose your initial pack. You may contact me using the chat box at the bottom of the screen. I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

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Alireza Manzour

Manzour Academy

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Reading a Book


Here you will find all the supplementary materials that you need to help you master your skills in grammar, vocabulary, and short stories and so much more. Everything that you see in my library are all books as well as works of literature that I have personally read. Therefore, I recommend them in a way that if you ever have any questions I will be able to help you personally. You may use certain exercises in  these textbooks as a supplementary to my online courses.

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Placement Test

Before you begin, I recommend you to take part in the placement test. The result will reveal your level of English. This will help me guide you more accurately and it will help you choose your desired online courses more appropriately. The test takes two hours to complete. Click below when you are ready to begin the test. 

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  • Improve your English speaking

    1 hr

    160 US dollars
  • Suitable for professionals with business initiatives

    1 hr

    200 US dollars
  • Academic & General Examination

    1 hr

    240 US dollars